Thursday, August 4, 2016

August 4, 2016 - A New Fake Scandal on Iran, and Other Stories

A New Fake Scandal on Iran
In case you've been disappointed with the lack of hysterical Iran stories lately, the Wall Street Journal has your back. Yesterday, the WSJ released a purported expose about a clandestine $400 million payment made by the US to the Iranians right around the time that four US prisoners were also released back in January.

It sounds bad at first, and "ransom payment" was the buzz phrase of the day for Republicans.

However, the scandal quickly loses merit when even casual scrutiny is applied, because it turns out the $400 million actually belonged to Iran all along.

Check out our new article on the topic for additional context on this story.

Candidate Who Plans to Get Money Out of Politics Has Spent 11 Times As Much on Advertising as Her Opponent
That big money candidate is Hillary Clinton, of course. And no, I didn't make that up.

If you care about equality (in this particular dimension), however, you might be pleased to know Trump narrowed the fundraising gap in July. I emphasize might.

Libertarian Presidential Ticket Makes Compelling Case to the Nation in CNN Town Hall Event
Just kidding. Oh, the event definitely happened. It just didn't go well.

Inexplicably, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld continued their efforts to go after the "Meh" voters last night. This is odd because Hillary Clinton seems to have that constituency locked up. She even took the slogan.

To understand my disappointment, check out our quick summary here, or a longer take from Reason here.

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