Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Daily Summary

The Worst New Thing in the World
Israel's Government Gets More Violent
Israel's extremely hawkish government managed to get even more extreme recently with a new Defense Minister joining the cabinet. The previous Defense Minister, Moshe Ya'alon was not known as a moderate himself. But he resigned recently due to ethical and moral disagreements with Prime Minister Netanyahu--that is, Ya'alon felt that Netanyahu was pushing the Israeli military to be so aggressive and violent that it would violate their own standards. Remarkable in its own right, Ya'alon will be replaced by the thoroughly crazy Avigdor Lieberman, who has previously called for the summary beheading of people disloyal to Israel, among various other horrible positions.

More Bad News
A Helpful List of Everyone Who's Paid to Hear Hillary Speak
Zero Hedge recently featured an article showing all the myriad organizations that have paid Hillary Clinton six figures (usually > $200k). Of course, this is interesting because it goes without saying that she's not an engaging speaker. (Even if you like what she says, you should concede that she's no great orator.) So why would all these organizations, including many large corporations on Wall Street incidentally, be willing to pay her that sum to hear her speak?

Good News
Israel's Military Pushes Back
It's not ideal when you have to count on the military to be the voice of relative restraint on matters of war and peace. But in Israel, that's now the situation that's emerging, particularly after outgoing Defense Minister Ya'alon had encouraged them to speak out against the policies of the government. A new piece in the New York Times catalogs all the senior officials that are speaking out against Netanyahu's extremism. And it's an important story, not only for the growing rift it exposes in Israeli politics, but also because it's in the New York Times where criticism of Israeli leadership is decidedly uncommon.

If You Only Read One (More) Thing
Make it the New York Times write-up on the situation in Israel. Too soon to tell, but we may be witnessing a turning point in US popular opinion on PM Netanyahu.

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